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What is the meaning - wow gold

“What is the meaning of this?” Anasterian Sunstrider demanded. He and the Council of Silvermoon were discussing matters in low, serious voices when Alleria walked in unannounced and uninvited. Several of the high elf rulers rose from their seats,Khadgar waited, but no one else spoke and at last he stirred in his unseen chair. “If there is nothing more, noble gentlemen and lady, I will take my leave,” he said. “It has been a long day and I am very tired.” “What are your plans now?” the woman wow gold asked him as he rose from his chair.Khadgar frowned. He had been pondering the same question since their arrival in Lordaeron. A part of him wanted to beg the Kirin wow power leveling Tor for protection. Perhaps he could resume his old job as an assistant to the librarian? He would not cause any trouble, and he would be safe behind the strongest magical defenses in the world.Another part of him, however, hated the idea of hiding from the upcoming conflict. He had faced a demon, after all! And he had survived. If he could handle that, surely he could wow gold handle an army of orcs.Besides, friendship and respect still counted for something, at least to him.“I will stand by Lord Lothar,” Khadgar replied finally, deliberately wow power leveling keeping his voice casual. “I have promised him my support, and he richly deserves it. After the war, assuming we survive—” He shrugged.“You are still a subject of Dalaran,” the woman pointed out. “If we called you back here and wow gold assigned you necessary work, would you obey the summons?”Khadgar thought about it for a few seconds. “No,” he answered slowly. “I cannot return to that. After this war, if we survive, I will return wow power leveling to my studies, though whether I do that here or at Medivh’s tower or at some other location is entirely uncertain.”The council members studied him and he them. It was Krasus who finally broke the silence. “You left here a mere wow gold boy, a fledgling apprentice,” he said, and Khadgar could hear the approval in his voice. “But you have returned a master, and a man.” Khadgar dipped his head to ackno wow gold wledge the compliment but did not say anything.“You will not be ordered to do anything,” Antonidas assured him. “We shall respect wow gold your wishes, and your independence. Though we wow power leveling would like to be kept up-to-date, particularly for anything involving Medivh, the necromancers, the Order, and that portal.”Khadgar nodded. “Then I am free to go?”That earned him a tight smile from Antonidas. “Yes, you may go,” the archmage said. “May the Light wow gold protect you and grant you strength.”“Keep us informed,” the pudgy man added. wow gold“The sooner we know what the orcs plan, the sooner we can wow gold send troops to that area, and of wow power leveling course we can provide magical nothingzhangxiaochen091013 assistance as well.” surprised at her presence, but Alleria ignored them. She focused only on Anasterian. The high elf king was old, old even for an elf, with hair that had long since turned white and skin thin as parchment and lined as a piece of old wood. He had gone from slender to frail but his blue eyes were still piercing and his voice, though thin as well, was still filled with authority. Alleria instinctively shrank back from his anger but then she remembered why she was here and straightened.

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The other figure lowered the bow - wow gold

The other figure lowered the bow, her blue eyes wide
with surprise and relief. “Alleria?” Then the bow had
been tossed aside, and Alleria’s younger sister had caught
her up in a rough embrace. “You’re home!”
“Of course.” Alleria squeezed Vereesa in return and
patted her head, a gesture so familiar it was automatic.
“Are you all right?”“Very well.” And so he told them. Gratefully accepting a chair the pudgy man offered, Khadgar sat and described everything that had happened since he had left wow gold Dalaran more than two years before. He told wow gold them about his strange apprenticeship with Medivh, about the master wizard’s mercurial moods and strange disappearances. He told wow gold them about the first encounters with the orcs. He told them wow power leveling about the wizard murders. He told them about Medivh’s betrayal, and about how he and Lothar had ended the wizard’s life. Then he went on wow gold to talk about the Horde and the battles that had occurred, about the siege of Stormwind, Llane’s death, the city’s conquest, and their subsequent flight.The master magi remained quiet for much of the wow gold recitation. Occasionally one would ask a question, but they showed wow power leveling surprising consideration for someone so much their junior, and the few questions they did ask were short and to the point. When he had wow gold finished, ending with the Alliance and the Paladins, Khadgar leaned back to catch his breath and waited to see what the magi might ask next.“You did not mention the Order of Tirisfal,” Kel’Thuzad pointed out, eliciting a sharp wow gold cough from Antonidas. “What?” the mage-researcher demanded. “It is relevant, when discussing Medivh!”“It is,” Khadgar answered, “and I apologize for my lapse. But”—he glanced around, trying to wow power leveling judge the magi’s knowledge by their faces, and opted for discretion—“I know little of wow gold the Order’s true workings. Medivh was a member, and spoke once or twice of the Order’s existence, but he did not name any other members or discuss its activities.”“Of course,” the woman wow gold agreed, and Khadgar saw wow power leveling the look of frustration and disappointment she and Kel’Thuzad exchanged. He had been right then, he realized. They knew nothing about the Order, and had merely hoped to trick him into revealing its secrets. That had wow gold failed and they would not press the issue. “But I am more concerned with Medivh himself, and with what happened to him,” she continued. “You are certain wow power leveling it was Sargeras you wow gold saw within him?”“Absolutely.” Khadgar leaned forward. “I had already seen the titan in a vision, and recognized him at once.”“So it was Medivh—or Sargeras through him—who opened a rift for the orcs,” the pudgy nothingzhangxiaochen091013 man mused. “And what did you say their world was called?” she asked after a minute. “Where’s Sylvanas? Are Mother and Father safe?”
“They’re fine,” Vereesa answered, disengaging and
bending to retrieve her weapons. “Sylvanas is with a
hunting party near the riverbank. As for Mother and
Father, they should be in Silvermoon by now. They went
to consult with the elders.” She paused, fitting the arrow
back to her string. “Alleria, where have you been? And
what’s going on? There are fires! All over Quel’Thalas!
And some of the other rangers—they haven’t reported back.”
Alleria felt her stomach twist at the news. If rangers were going missing, it meant the Horde had penetrated deep into the forest already. “We’re being invaded, little sister,” she told Vereesa bluntly, bringing her sword up and turning to put her back against her sister. Her ears twitched. “Now, quiet.”

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if Alleria had listened to him - wow gold

Still, if Alleria had listened to him and abided by his decision she would have been here, not sailing downriver and marching over hills. She would have been here when the orcs and trolls arrived, here with her family and her people when the Horde breached their borders.
Would it have made any difference? She didn’t know.
Perhaps not. What could one more ranger have done to
stop an enemy she wouldn’t even realize was
approaching?Regardless, Khadgar found he was unwilling to play games. He was tired. He had teleported himself to Dalaran, and while his magic was strong enough to handle wow gold the task it was still a daunting distance. Plus he had been up late discussing matters with Lothar, planning for their first official strategy session next week. Khadgar appreciated wow power leveling his former masters’ interest in recent events, and felt they needed to know what had occurred in Azeroth, but he felt he wow gold could do without the posturing and the performances and the shadow-plays.That was why, when he did finally lift his head, he looked straight at the cloaked figure to his left. “I would be happy to wow gold recount events, Prince Kael’thas,” he said politely, “but I would find the telling far easier were I able to see my audience properly.”He heard a gasp off to the side, but the cloaked figure he had addressed chuckled instead. “You are correct, young Khadgar,” the mage replied. “I would find it difficult to speak to such shadowy figures myself.” With a quick gesture wow gold the elven prince dismissed his disguise, standing wow power leveling revealed in his ornate violet and gold robes, his long golden hair flowing past his shoulders, his sharp features wow gold alert with anticipation. “Is that better?”“Much, thank you,” Khadgar said. He glanced around at the other council members. “And what of the rest of you? May I not see your face, Lord Krasus? Lord Kel’Thuzad? Lord Antonidas has not bothered with a disguise, and Prince Kael’thas has been considerate enough to dispense with his. Will the rest of you wow power leveling do the same?”Antonidas, seated before Khadgar on an invisible chair, laughed. “Indeed, youngling, indeed,” he agreed. “This matter is far too serious for such parlor tricks, and you are no longer a whelp to be fooled and amazed by such sleights. Unveil wow gold yourself, my friends, and let us be to this matter before the night grows older.”The other magi obeyed, though a few grumbled, and seconds later Khadgar found himself wow gold facing six people clearly. He recognized Krasus at once by his slight build, delicate features, and silvery hair still streaked here and there with red. And Kel’Thuzad was familiar as well, an impressive, charismatic man with dark hair and a full wow power leveling beard and strangely glassy eyes, as if he were not really looking at the world around them. The other two, a pudgy man wow gold and a tall, statuesque woman, Khadgar did not know, though their faces seemed vaguely familiar. Most likely he had passed them in the halls of the Violet Citadel back when he wow gold had been a student here and had simply not been important enough for them to address him directly.Now, however, they were all attention.“We have done as you asked,” Kel’Thuzad complained. “Now tell us what has happened!”“What do you want to know?” Khadgar asked the older mage.“Everything!” And from the look in his eyes, Kel’Thuzad meant it. He had always had wow gold a reputation as a dreamer and a researcher, constantly questing for information, particularly about magic, its sources, and its potential. Of all the Kirin Tor he had been wow gold the one most interested wow power leveling in gaining access to Medivh’s arcane library, and Khadgar assumed one of the ones most upset about its destruction. He had not bothered to mention that he had taken the choicest tomes for himself nothingzhangxiaochen091013 before vacating the tower. But at least she wouldn’t now feel like she
had deserted them in their hour of need.
The thought spurred her to even greater speed, and she leaped over a low bush into a tiny clearing between two clusters of trees——and found herself staring down the tip of a hunting arrow aimed at her throat.
The figure holding the bow was nearly as tall as her
and wearing similar garb, though far less travel-stained.
Long hair streamed back from beneath the cloak’s hood and seemed to gleam like ivory in the sunlight, a shining silvery white that Alleria knew too well to ever mistake it.

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By Silvermoon - wow gold

By Silvermoon, where are they?” Alleria raced through the forest, sword in hand, the leaves and branches whipping past her as a blur. The other rangers had fanned out to cover more ground, and Alleria hoped they hadn’t run into any orcs or trolls. She wanted those miserable green-skinned intruders for herself.
Not for the first time since seeing the fires she wished
she’d never left home.Khadgar nodded, not bothering to look around. It would be pointless. He had been summoned before the ruling council of the Kirin Tor and wow gold those leaders were wow gold only visible when they wished to be.He wow power leveling had stood in this council chamber once before, upon being told he was to be apprenticed to Medivh. Then he had been awed by the room, which wow gold seemed to somehow hang in the air, only the floor wow gold faintly visible as the world around darkened, lightened, and stormed far more rapidly that ever happened in nature. The council members themselves had awed him just as much, appearing only as cloaked, hooded figures, their forms wow gold and faces and very genders obscured by both cloth and magic. That was both dramatic and practical, since the wizard community’s leaders were chosen in secret to avoid any wow power leveling danger of wow gold bribery, blackmail, and other pressure. The council members knew each other’s identities but no one else did. The disguises ensured that. But they also gave the council an air of mystery, and many of its members delighted in the confusion, making sure wow power leveling no one entered or exited the chamber without being bewildered as to where they had been and whom they had wow gold seen and often even what they had said and heard. It had certainly worked on Khadgar back then, and he had left the chamber with his head awhirl, amazed at the power his wow gold superiors wielded and unable to recount wow power leveling exactly what had happened during wow gold his audience.Much had changed since then, however. Though it had been only a few wow gold short years, Khadgar had grown considerably in both knowledge and power. His appearance had changed as well, and he amused himself by thinking that for once some of the council members would wow gold be as bewildered by their visitor wow power leveling as he was wow gold by them. After all, he had left a young man and returned an old one, older than many of them though nothingzhangxiaochen091013 he had lived far less. Why had she decided that the
Alliance needed her help? Weren’t Anasterian Sunstrider
and the other council members far older and wiser than
she was, and thus far better equipped to decide what aid
they should offer the younger races? Then again,
Anasterian had been convinced the Horde would never pose a threat to them here in Quel’Thalas. That was why he had felt the Alliance was not their concern, because they were safe from whatever was occurring in the outside world.
Clearly he had been wrong.

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And why would he - wow gold

And why would he? As far as Doomhammer knew, he was getting bigger, stronger warriors. The Warchief would never suspect that these new creatures were completely loyal to Gul’dan and not him, and Gul’dan would make sure his new servants did not reveal their true loyalties too soon. Only when the time was right. And then Doomhammer would discover there was a new faction within the Horde, one he could not so easily destroy or cast aside. Zul’jin stepped forward, his long scarf waving in the wind. “We have pledged to the Horde,” he declared, his voice carrying clearly despite the wow power leveling fabric covering his mouth. “We be fightin’ with you, and together we be crushin’ the humans, the elves, an’ any others who stand against us!” The orcs wow power leveling cheered, as did the forest trolls, and Zul’jin nodded before stepping back.“Nor are they our only allies,” Doomhammer announced. He turned, and Gorefiend strode forward, the other death knights beside him. They had masked themselves to conceal their hideous features, with heavy cloth wrapped around their heads and faces so that only their glowing eyes were wow gold visible. But the Horde could see the breadth of their shoulders and wow gold the width of their chests, and Gorefiend raised his truncheon high, the weapon’s jewels flaring into a brightness that wow power leveling rivaled the sun overhead.“We are the death knights,” Gorefiend intoned, his strange voice casting the words across the crowd like a chill over the land. “We have pledged ourselves to the Horde, and to Doomhammer. We will fight as one of you, and will drive the orcs’ foes from this world!” He had requested that Doomhammer not reveal their true nature to the other orcs, and Doomhammer wow gold had agreed. Many might not be happy to learn these new warriors were orcs themselves, former wow power leveling warlocks he had slaughtered and Gul’dan had then trapped within rotting human bodies.“The death knights will be our cavalry and our vanguard,” Doomhammer announced. “They are strong and swift and possess a dark magic to strip away our foes’ defenses.”He paused. “We may have other wow gold allies soon as well,” he admitted. He had hoped those would be ready as well, but Zuluhed had said his clan needed more time to finish the preparations. Still, this was enough for now.“We march north,” Doomhammer wow power leveling told his people. “Across this land and into Khaz Modan, the home of the dwarves. Those lands are rich with metals and with fuel. We shall take those resources and use them to build a mighty fleet of ships. With those ships our forces will sail north to Lordaeron, for the wow power leveling humans will not expect us by water. We shall land to the west and march back, catching them from behind. We will crush them, and then we shall rule wow gold that land and all this world as our own!”The Horde cheered again, a cheer that grew and grew until it echoed from the rocks around them. Doomhammer felt the echo beneath his feet, shaking the very peak, and glanced back at Zuluhed, who stood behind him. His people’s shouts and war cries should not have been able to disturb the mountain itself! But the old aion gold shaman nodded.“The volcano speaks,” Zuluhed said softly, stepping forward so that only Doomhammer could hear his words. “The spirits within the mountain are pleased.” He grinned, bearing wow power leveling his worn wow gold tusks. “They grant us their blessing!”Doomhammer nodded. The rocks still trembled as he raised his hammer high again, swinging it about nothingzhangxiaochen091013 over his head. The crowd began chanting his name. Gul’dan laughed again and turned away. Cho’gall would handle the rest of the process here. He had other tasks to oversee, ones that would later lead to his finally claiming the power that lay waiting for him elsewhere.

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The new ogre bowed its heads - wow gold

The new ogre bowed its heads. “Thank you, master,” the more somber head said before the creature followed Cho’gall away. Gul’dan knew his assistant would set the new ogre mage to work powering the Altar again. And with each use they would gain another two-headed ogre.A week later Doomhammer addressed the assembled Horde. They were gathered before the fortress Zul’jin told him was called the Blackrock Spire, a massive wow power leveling structure built from the same glossy black stone that dominated the landscape. It stood atop Blackrock Mountain, the tallest of the Burning Steppes mountain range that rose up wow gold along the continent, dividing wow power leveling east from west. Zuluhed had led them here, sensing the power within the mountains, and after defeating the handful of dwarves dwelling here, Doomhammer had claimed it. He had felt it was a good omen that this place, which he had selected as the Horde’s base, bore the same name as his own clan.Below him the orcs of every clan were wow gold gathered, waiting eagerly to hear what he had to say. They had conquered wow gold this land thoroughly, and while that gave them far better hunting and far richer lands than any left back home it was still not enough to contain their entire race comfortably. There was also the question of retaliation—they had driven the humans wow power leveling from this continent but there was no guarantee they would not return with reinforcements and perhaps allies. Doomhammer grinned. But now he had allies of his own.“My people!” he shouted, raising his hammer high above him. “Hear me!” The crowd quieted, every face turning toward him. “We have taken this land, and it is good!” A cheer erupted, and wow gold Doomhammer waited for it to die down before speaking again. “This world is rich with life, and we can raise strong families here!” Another cheer. “Yet it is not without its defenders! The humans are strong and skilled, and fight hard to wow power leveling retain what was theirs.” Murmurs of agreement rippled through the Horde. There was no weakness in acknowledging a powerful foe, and the wow power leveling humans were certainly that. Enough orcs had fought them now to agree.“We must continue our conquest!” Doomhammer told his people, gesturing to the north with his hammer. “Another land, Lordaeron, lies beyond this one, and once we control it our clans may claim territories, settle, craft homes, and raise wow gold families again. But first we must take it from the humans! And they will not surrender it lightly.” The crowd growled as one, showing its willingness to fight on. Doomhammer quieted them with a raised hand.“I know that wow power leveling you are strong,” he assured them. “I know that you are warriors, and will not falter in battle. But the humans are many, and this time they will be ready for us.” He leaned on his hammer. “But they will not be ready for our allies.”He gestured behind him, and Zul’jin stepped forward. The forest troll leader had brought a hundred of his people for this meeting, and they stood now aion gold arrayed behind him and Doomhammer, hefting their axes and short, curved swords and wicked broad-bladed spears. “These are the forest trolls,” Doomhammer told wow power leveling the orcs below. “They are now wow gold part of the Horde, and will fight alongside us! They are as mighty as an ogre but as crafty as an orc, and in woodcraft they nothingzhangxiaochen091013 are unsurpassed! They will be our guides, our scouts, and our forest warriors!” He knew he could not expect most of them to be ogre magi—that was too much to hope for. But if even one in ten possessed the necessary intelligence he would be able to assemble a second Altar and power that one as well. Gul’dan chuckled. He would transform every ogre in the Horde if Doomhammer did not stop him.

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Gul’dan rejoiced - wow gold

Inside, Gul’dan rejoiced. It was exactly as he’d hoped. By shaping the two-headed ogre with his own magic, he had formed a bond between them. The creature was completely loyal!“We all give ourselves to the Horde,” Gul’dan replied mockingly, bowing low so Doomhammer could not see his expression. “Gorefiend’s soul had not departed wow power leveling this plane—I merely recalled it and found it a new home. Only now his very body is imbued with sorcery. He is more wow power leveling powerful now than ever, and the other warlocks wow gold with him.” Cho’gall had continued his task and behind Gorefiend the other bodies were rising as well.“This, then, is what you give me?” Doomhammer rumbled. “Corpses for warriors, powered by your dead acolytes?” His face twisted in disgust.“You asked for warriors,” Gul’dan reminded him sharply. “I have provided them. They will be a match for anything the humans wow gold have and more. And though their bodies may be rotted wow power leveling human flesh, they are still orcs in spirit and in allegiance. And they can still wield their magic as well! Think what they will wow gold do in battle!”Doomhammer nodded slowly, clearly considering. “Will you serve me?” he asked Gorefiend, showing what Gul’dan considered a fatal weakness. Warchiefs did not ask, they commanded. Though perhaps with creatures such as these it was best not to anger them.Gorefiend considered for a moment, glowing eyes studying the Warchief. At last he wow power leveling nodded. “Gul’dan is correct,” he said finally, his voice raspy. “I am still an orc, despite this shell. I live for the Horde, and I will serve wow power leveling you and our people.” It grinned, a horrible rictus. “You killed me but I do not hold that against you, for it has resulted in this powerful new form. I am well pleased with wow gold the trade.” The other bodies nodded behind him.“Good!” Doomhammer stepped forward and clapped the surprised Gorefiend on the shoulder, a gesture of respect to an equal rather than a subordinate. “You shall be my death wow power leveling knights, the forefront of our great Horde,” he informed the reanimated creatures. “Together we will crush the humans and take their lands, making this world safe for our people!” Then he wow gold turned and nodded at Gul’dan, though it seemed grudging. “You have done as you promised, Gul’dan,” Doomhammer admitted. “You have given me a powerful force against our foes. I thank you for that.”“Of course, noble Doomhammer,” Gul’dan replied, hoping he sounded more sincere than he felt. “Anything for wow gold our people.”Fool, he thought as he watched Doomhammer stride off, the newly awakened death knights beside him. Take them and go, yes, and return to your war. I have other matters to attend, and now that you are satisfied I will have the freedom to concentrate on them properly. I will wow power leveling play the loyal warlock wow gold a while longer, he vowed, but not forever. Soon enough I will have what I seek, and then you and the Horde may crumble away for all I care. I will raise a new race to replace you all, one loyal to me alone, and we shall nothingzhangxiaochen091013 reshape this world in my image! Outwardly, however, he was careful not to show too much glee. Instead he simply gestured for Cho’gall to approach. “This is Cho’gall,” Gul’dan explained. “He, like you, is a trusted assistant and an ogre mage. He will explain what we are doing here.

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Gul’dan explained - wow gold

Gul’dan explained about the Horde. He also told the ogre about the need to conquer here, and about the other races they had already faced in their quest.“Well?” Doomhammer asked as he strode onto the field. “Have you succeeded?” It did not escape Gul’dan’s notice that the warchief’s words were similar to those he wow power leveling had shouted at his necrolytes wow gold mere wow power leveling days wow gold earlier. But this time the answer was very different.“I have, noble Doomhammer,” he responded, gesturing at the bodies behind him. Doomhammer shouldered past him to glare at the figures, which lay stretched out upon the ground.“These are fallen Stormwind soldiers,” Doomhammer snarled. “What of them? Or did you ask me here to show me you could line bodies up wow gold so neatly?” He sneered. “Is this the extent of your powers, then, Gul’dan? To prepare corpses for burial?”Gul’dan longed to wipe the smirk from his leader’s face, to show the wow gold arrogant warrior the true extent of his magic. But now was not the time.“Of course not,” he did reply, the wow power leveling words still sharp enough to make Doomhammer’s gaze narrow. “Watch!” He nodded to Cho’gall, who knelt beside wow gold the first body and placed a jeweled truncheon in its cold, stiff hands. Those enchanted weapons had been the most time-consuming part of the process but Gul’dan knew without them his new force would be far less powerful, just as Rakmar had wow power leveling guessed. Fortunately wow gold he and Cho’gall had been experimenting with such items already for their own purposes, and so they had merely modified the spells they had planned and adapted the weapons to this new role.As he and Doomhammer watched, the corpse stirred. Its fingers closed wow power leveling tightly around the truncheon, which began to glow. That light spread to the body’s hand, then up along its arm, slowly infusing the entire form with a green aura. And then the corpse opened its eyes.Doomhammer started slightly, though he made no sound, and this time it was Gul’dan’s lips that pulled back in a sneer. Still, he could not blame the warchief for being startled. He found the sight almost unnerving himself, and he had created these creatures.The corpse slowly rose wow power leveling to its feet, its movements stiff at first but becoming more fluid by the second. It turned glowing red eyes upon Gul’dan, and the orc warlock saw them widen wow gold in recognition.“You have succeeded then, Gul’dan,” the creature stated, its words slurred from using an unfamiliar jaw and strange, too-small teeth. It stared wow gold down at itself, at its limbs and torso, and raised its empty hand to feel its face. “You have returned my spirit to this world!” It laughed, a harsh sound wow gold that was far more orc-like than human. “Excellent!”“Welcome back, Teron Gorefiend,” Gul’dan replied, trying to keep the laughter from his voice. “Yes, I have brought you back, to further wow power leveling serve the Horde.”Doomhammer stepped forward, studying the strange creature before him. “Gorefiend? One of your warlocks from the nothingzhangxiaochen091013 Shadow Council? I killed him myself.” The ogre mage listened quietly, absorbing every detail. “You created me,” the ogre said at last. It was not a question, but Gul’dan nodded. “I am your creature then,” the ogre affirmed. “I will serve you. Your cause is my cause. Tell me what to do.”

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Gul’dan spoke softly - wow gold

“Good.” Gul’dan spoke softly, not wanting to break the creature’s concentration. “Now bring that flame to life. Let it claim the leaf, the fire licking across it,“We are summoning our fallen brethren?” Rakmar asked softly. He and the other necrolytes were standing around the altar Gul’dan and Cho’gall wow gold had built, as ordered, but Gul’dan wow gold could see they were trying to wow power leveling decipher its purpose. Let them. By the time they did, it would be too late.“Yes,” Gul’dan replied, concentrating on the incantation he was about to perform. “Doomhammer slaughtered the other warlocks but their souls linger. We will summon them and instill them in the human bodies.” He grinned. “They will be eager to return to this world, and to serve the Horde once more.”Rakmar nodded. “That will animate them,” he agreed, “but will it give them power? Or will they be wow power leveling little more than walking corpses?”Gul’dan frowned, surprised and not pleased that wow power leveling the necrolyte had figured that out so quickly. “Silence!” he commanded, forestalling other wow gold questions. “We begin!”He began the ritual, summoning his magic to him and feeling it fill him with power. Not enough power, but soon that would change. In the meantime he concentrated on his task, channeling his energies into the altar before them, priming it for the transformation he was about to evoke.Rakmar and the other necrolytes joined in, lending their own necromantic magic to his incantation. Thus they were distractedand did not notice that Gul’dan had moved from his position until it was too late.“Rrargh!” Gul’dan could not stop the growl from escaping his lips, but it did not matter. He was already wow power leveling positioned right behind Rakmar, curved dagger at the ready, and as the taller orc turned Gul’dan’s blade lashed out, catching the necrolyte full across the throat. Blood arced out, spraying them both, and Rakmar toppled backward, clutching at the wound, gasping for air. He fell onto the altar, and gasped with horror as he tried to push himself away from it. But Gul’dan was wow gold on top of him, straddling the fading necrolyte, and batted his hands away. Then he plunged the dagger into Rakmar’s chest, wrenching it about to create a gaping hole. Into this wow gold he reached and, with a sharp tug, removed Rakmar’s still-beating heart. Before his former assistant’s eyes Gul’dan cast the spell he had prepared, his magic enveloping the bloody organ and trapping Rakmar’s spirit within. The magic of the altar surged up then, reshaping the heart, shrinking it and hardening it and granting it an unnatural luster. As the wow power leveling necrolyte collapsed, his body now an empty shell, Gul’dan grinned down at him and held up the glowing gem.“Do not fear, Rakmar,” he assured the dead orc. “This is not the end for you. On the contrary. You shall succeed at your task, with my help. You will fight again for the Horde. And Doomhammer will have his undead warriors.” He laughed. “That is the good wow power leveling thing about necromancers—we never let anything go to waste.”He glanced up. Cho’gall had killed several more necrolytes already, preserving their hearts and souls as jewels in the same manner. The rest were cowering, their magic still caught up in the altar, unable to flee and too terrified to wow power leveling fight. Gul’dan snorted. Worthless! He would have fought. But this made matters easier for him, at least. He laughed as he rose and stalked wow gold toward the remaining warlocks, licking the blood from his tusks as he approached. Soon they would be warlike nothingzhangxiaochen091013 enough for even the most bloodthirsty commander. the heat warming your skin, almost burning your fingers.” He watched as a spark appeared near the middle of the leaf and rapidly grew to a small flame that spread hungrily. The leaf shriveled, turning dark and brittle in seconds as the fire consumed it. The breeze carried it away, and the ogre glanced up, meeting Gul’dan’s eyes with both its own pairs, its double gaze bright.

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Possibly - wow gold

“Possibly.” Gul’dan’s eyes narrowed. “There is a simple test.” He stooped and lifted a single leaf from the ground, handing it to the two-headed creature. G ul’dan was furious.“Why have you not succeeded yet?” he demanded. The other orcs cowered away from him. They had seen the chief warlock enraged wow gold before, and knew he might turn his fearsome powers upon wow power leveling them as well if he was not appeased.“We are trying, Gul’dan,” Rakmar replied. The oldest of the surviving orc necromancers after wow power leveling Gul’dan himself, Rakmar wow gold Sharpfang was the necrolytes’ unofficial leader and often thrust into the role of conveying their accomplishments—or failures—to the high warlock. “We have been able to animate the bodies, yes, but not to give them consciousness. They are wow power leveling little more than shells. We can direct them as puppets, but their movements are sloppy and slow. They will pose little threat to anyone.”Gul’dan glared at the bodies beyond Rakmar. They were human, warriors slain here on the fields of wow gold Stormwind, and would make a powerful force for the Horde, just as he had promised Doomhammer. But only if his worthless assistants could transform them into something more than the shambling wrecks he saw here!“Find a way!” Gul’dan shouted, spit flying from wow gold his mouth. He clenched his fists, tempted to strike down the necrolytes where they stood, but what good would that do him? If they were dead they would hardly be able to help him—A thought wow power leveling struck him, and Gul’dan rocked back on his heels, stunned by its brilliance. Of course! That was the answer!“You are right, Rakmar,” he said softly, opening his hands and smoothing them along the front of his robes. “You are trying. I understand. This is a new and different thing we are attempting, and would pose a great challenge to anyone. I have no right to be wow gold angry that you have not yet succeeded. Please, return to work. I will leave you in peace to experiment once more.”“Uh, thank you,” Rakmar stammered, his eyes wide. Gul’dan could see that the lesser orc was surprised by his sudden change of heart, as were the other warlocks behind him. He suppressed a chuckle, simply nodding to them and turning away. Let them think he had thought better of his outburst, or even that he had become distracted by something else wow power leveling wow gold and forgotten why he had been so angry at them. Let them think whatever they liked.Soon it would not matter.As he walked, Gul’dan glanced around. Cho’gall was nearby, as always—the ogre mage had been crouched within a ruined building not far away, close enough to be ready if Gul’dan should wow power leveling need him but far enough away that the other necrolytes would not see him and become unnerved by his presence. Gul’dan beckoned and the two-headed ogre rose and approached, his long strides quickly covering the wow power leveling distance between them.“The necrolytes have served their purpose,” Gul’dan told his towering lieutenant. “Now they shall have a wow gold new one, an even greater one.” He grinned, stroking his nothingzhangxiaochen091013 beard in anticipation. “Gather our implements. We shall make a sacrifice.” “Take this.” The ogre took the leaf with surprising skill, showing that his dexterity had dramatically increased as well. “Now concentrate on the idea of fire, of heat and flame,” Gul’dan told the ogre. The ogre frowned with both faces, studying the leaf. Then it nodded slightly, first one head and then the other.

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