13 octobre 2009

Possibly - wow gold

“Possibly.” Gul’dan’s eyes narrowed. “There is a simple test.” He stooped and lifted a single leaf from the ground, handing it to the two-headed creature. G ul’dan was furious.“Why have you not succeeded yet?” he demanded. The other orcs cowered away from him. They had seen the chief warlock enraged wow gold before, and knew he might turn his fearsome powers upon wow power leveling them as well if he was not appeased.“We are trying, Gul’dan,” Rakmar replied. The oldest of the surviving orc necromancers after wow power leveling Gul’dan himself, Rakmar wow gold Sharpfang was the necrolytes’ unofficial leader and often thrust into the role of conveying their accomplishments—or failures—to the high warlock. “We have been able to animate the bodies, yes, but not to give them consciousness. They are wow power leveling little more than shells. We can direct them as puppets, but their movements are sloppy and slow. They will pose little threat to anyone.”Gul’dan glared at the bodies beyond Rakmar. They were human, warriors slain here on the fields of wow gold Stormwind, and would make a powerful force for the Horde, just as he had promised Doomhammer. But only if his worthless assistants could transform them into something more than the shambling wrecks he saw here!“Find a way!” Gul’dan shouted, spit flying from wow gold his mouth. He clenched his fists, tempted to strike down the necrolytes where they stood, but what good would that do him? If they were dead they would hardly be able to help him—A thought wow power leveling struck him, and Gul’dan rocked back on his heels, stunned by its brilliance. Of course! That was the answer!“You are right, Rakmar,” he said softly, opening his hands and smoothing them along the front of his robes. “You are trying. I understand. This is a new and different thing we are attempting, and would pose a great challenge to anyone. I have no right to be wow gold angry that you have not yet succeeded. Please, return to work. I will leave you in peace to experiment once more.”“Uh, thank you,” Rakmar stammered, his eyes wide. Gul’dan could see that the lesser orc was surprised by his sudden change of heart, as were the other warlocks behind him. He suppressed a chuckle, simply nodding to them and turning away. Let them think he had thought better of his outburst, or even that he had become distracted by something else wow power leveling wow gold and forgotten why he had been so angry at them. Let them think whatever they liked.Soon it would not matter.As he walked, Gul’dan glanced around. Cho’gall was nearby, as always—the ogre mage had been crouched within a ruined building not far away, close enough to be ready if Gul’dan should wow power leveling need him but far enough away that the other necrolytes would not see him and become unnerved by his presence. Gul’dan beckoned and the two-headed ogre rose and approached, his long strides quickly covering the wow power leveling distance between them.“The necrolytes have served their purpose,” Gul’dan told his towering lieutenant. “Now they shall have a wow gold new one, an even greater one.” He grinned, stroking his nothingzhangxiaochen091013 beard in anticipation. “Gather our implements. We shall make a sacrifice.” “Take this.” The ogre took the leaf with surprising skill, showing that his dexterity had dramatically increased as well. “Now concentrate on the idea of fire, of heat and flame,” Gul’dan told the ogre. The ogre frowned with both faces, studying the leaf. Then it nodded slightly, first one head and then the other.

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