13 octobre 2009

Gul’dan spoke softly - wow gold

“Good.” Gul’dan spoke softly, not wanting to break the creature’s concentration. “Now bring that flame to life. Let it claim the leaf, the fire licking across it,“We are summoning our fallen brethren?” Rakmar asked softly. He and the other necrolytes were standing around the altar Gul’dan and Cho’gall wow gold had built, as ordered, but Gul’dan wow gold could see they were trying to wow power leveling decipher its purpose. Let them. By the time they did, it would be too late.“Yes,” Gul’dan replied, concentrating on the incantation he was about to perform. “Doomhammer slaughtered the other warlocks but their souls linger. We will summon them and instill them in the human bodies.” He grinned. “They will be eager to return to this world, and to serve the Horde once more.”Rakmar nodded. “That will animate them,” he agreed, “but will it give them power? Or will they be wow power leveling little more than walking corpses?”Gul’dan frowned, surprised and not pleased that wow power leveling the necrolyte had figured that out so quickly. “Silence!” he commanded, forestalling other wow gold questions. “We begin!”He began the ritual, summoning his magic to him and feeling it fill him with power. Not enough power, but soon that would change. In the meantime he concentrated on his task, channeling his energies into the altar before them, priming it for the transformation he was about to evoke.Rakmar and the other necrolytes joined in, lending their own necromantic magic to his incantation. Thus they were distractedand did not notice that Gul’dan had moved from his position until it was too late.“Rrargh!” Gul’dan could not stop the growl from escaping his lips, but it did not matter. He was already wow power leveling positioned right behind Rakmar, curved dagger at the ready, and as the taller orc turned Gul’dan’s blade lashed out, catching the necrolyte full across the throat. Blood arced out, spraying them both, and Rakmar toppled backward, clutching at the wound, gasping for air. He fell onto the altar, and gasped with horror as he tried to push himself away from it. But Gul’dan was wow gold on top of him, straddling the fading necrolyte, and batted his hands away. Then he plunged the dagger into Rakmar’s chest, wrenching it about to create a gaping hole. Into this wow gold he reached and, with a sharp tug, removed Rakmar’s still-beating heart. Before his former assistant’s eyes Gul’dan cast the spell he had prepared, his magic enveloping the bloody organ and trapping Rakmar’s spirit within. The magic of the altar surged up then, reshaping the heart, shrinking it and hardening it and granting it an unnatural luster. As the wow power leveling necrolyte collapsed, his body now an empty shell, Gul’dan grinned down at him and held up the glowing gem.“Do not fear, Rakmar,” he assured the dead orc. “This is not the end for you. On the contrary. You shall succeed at your task, with my help. You will fight again for the Horde. And Doomhammer will have his undead warriors.” He laughed. “That is the good wow power leveling thing about necromancers—we never let anything go to waste.”He glanced up. Cho’gall had killed several more necrolytes already, preserving their hearts and souls as jewels in the same manner. The rest were cowering, their magic still caught up in the altar, unable to flee and too terrified to wow power leveling fight. Gul’dan snorted. Worthless! He would have fought. But this made matters easier for him, at least. He laughed as he rose and stalked wow gold toward the remaining warlocks, licking the blood from his tusks as he approached. Soon they would be warlike nothingzhangxiaochen091013 enough for even the most bloodthirsty commander. the heat warming your skin, almost burning your fingers.” He watched as a spark appeared near the middle of the leaf and rapidly grew to a small flame that spread hungrily. The leaf shriveled, turning dark and brittle in seconds as the fire consumed it. The breeze carried it away, and the ogre glanced up, meeting Gul’dan’s eyes with both its own pairs, its double gaze bright.

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