13 octobre 2009

Gul’dan rejoiced - wow gold

Inside, Gul’dan rejoiced. It was exactly as he’d hoped. By shaping the two-headed ogre with his own magic, he had formed a bond between them. The creature was completely loyal!“We all give ourselves to the Horde,” Gul’dan replied mockingly, bowing low so Doomhammer could not see his expression. “Gorefiend’s soul had not departed wow power leveling this plane—I merely recalled it and found it a new home. Only now his very body is imbued with sorcery. He is more wow power leveling powerful now than ever, and the other warlocks wow gold with him.” Cho’gall had continued his task and behind Gorefiend the other bodies were rising as well.“This, then, is what you give me?” Doomhammer rumbled. “Corpses for warriors, powered by your dead acolytes?” His face twisted in disgust.“You asked for warriors,” Gul’dan reminded him sharply. “I have provided them. They will be a match for anything the humans wow gold have and more. And though their bodies may be rotted wow power leveling human flesh, they are still orcs in spirit and in allegiance. And they can still wield their magic as well! Think what they will wow gold do in battle!”Doomhammer nodded slowly, clearly considering. “Will you serve me?” he asked Gorefiend, showing what Gul’dan considered a fatal weakness. Warchiefs did not ask, they commanded. Though perhaps with creatures such as these it was best not to anger them.Gorefiend considered for a moment, glowing eyes studying the Warchief. At last he wow power leveling nodded. “Gul’dan is correct,” he said finally, his voice raspy. “I am still an orc, despite this shell. I live for the Horde, and I will serve wow power leveling you and our people.” It grinned, a horrible rictus. “You killed me but I do not hold that against you, for it has resulted in this powerful new form. I am well pleased with wow gold the trade.” The other bodies nodded behind him.“Good!” Doomhammer stepped forward and clapped the surprised Gorefiend on the shoulder, a gesture of respect to an equal rather than a subordinate. “You shall be my death wow power leveling knights, the forefront of our great Horde,” he informed the reanimated creatures. “Together we will crush the humans and take their lands, making this world safe for our people!” Then he wow gold turned and nodded at Gul’dan, though it seemed grudging. “You have done as you promised, Gul’dan,” Doomhammer admitted. “You have given me a powerful force against our foes. I thank you for that.”“Of course, noble Doomhammer,” Gul’dan replied, hoping he sounded more sincere than he felt. “Anything for wow gold our people.”Fool, he thought as he watched Doomhammer stride off, the newly awakened death knights beside him. Take them and go, yes, and return to your war. I have other matters to attend, and now that you are satisfied I will have the freedom to concentrate on them properly. I will wow power leveling play the loyal warlock wow gold a while longer, he vowed, but not forever. Soon enough I will have what I seek, and then you and the Horde may crumble away for all I care. I will raise a new race to replace you all, one loyal to me alone, and we shall nothingzhangxiaochen091013 reshape this world in my image! Outwardly, however, he was careful not to show too much glee. Instead he simply gestured for Cho’gall to approach. “This is Cho’gall,” Gul’dan explained. “He, like you, is a trusted assistant and an ogre mage. He will explain what we are doing here.

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