13 octobre 2009

The new ogre bowed its heads - wow gold

The new ogre bowed its heads. “Thank you, master,” the more somber head said before the creature followed Cho’gall away. Gul’dan knew his assistant would set the new ogre mage to work powering the Altar again. And with each use they would gain another two-headed ogre.A week later Doomhammer addressed the assembled Horde. They were gathered before the fortress Zul’jin told him was called the Blackrock Spire, a massive wow power leveling structure built from the same glossy black stone that dominated the landscape. It stood atop Blackrock Mountain, the tallest of the Burning Steppes mountain range that rose up wow gold along the continent, dividing wow power leveling east from west. Zuluhed had led them here, sensing the power within the mountains, and after defeating the handful of dwarves dwelling here, Doomhammer had claimed it. He had felt it was a good omen that this place, which he had selected as the Horde’s base, bore the same name as his own clan.Below him the orcs of every clan were wow gold gathered, waiting eagerly to hear what he had to say. They had conquered wow gold this land thoroughly, and while that gave them far better hunting and far richer lands than any left back home it was still not enough to contain their entire race comfortably. There was also the question of retaliation—they had driven the humans wow power leveling from this continent but there was no guarantee they would not return with reinforcements and perhaps allies. Doomhammer grinned. But now he had allies of his own.“My people!” he shouted, raising his hammer high above him. “Hear me!” The crowd quieted, every face turning toward him. “We have taken this land, and it is good!” A cheer erupted, and wow gold Doomhammer waited for it to die down before speaking again. “This world is rich with life, and we can raise strong families here!” Another cheer. “Yet it is not without its defenders! The humans are strong and skilled, and fight hard to wow power leveling retain what was theirs.” Murmurs of agreement rippled through the Horde. There was no weakness in acknowledging a powerful foe, and the wow power leveling humans were certainly that. Enough orcs had fought them now to agree.“We must continue our conquest!” Doomhammer told his people, gesturing to the north with his hammer. “Another land, Lordaeron, lies beyond this one, and once we control it our clans may claim territories, settle, craft homes, and raise wow gold families again. But first we must take it from the humans! And they will not surrender it lightly.” The crowd growled as one, showing its willingness to fight on. Doomhammer quieted them with a raised hand.“I know that wow power leveling you are strong,” he assured them. “I know that you are warriors, and will not falter in battle. But the humans are many, and this time they will be ready for us.” He leaned on his hammer. “But they will not be ready for our allies.”He gestured behind him, and Zul’jin stepped forward. The forest troll leader had brought a hundred of his people for this meeting, and they stood now aion gold arrayed behind him and Doomhammer, hefting their axes and short, curved swords and wicked broad-bladed spears. “These are the forest trolls,” Doomhammer told wow power leveling the orcs below. “They are now wow gold part of the Horde, and will fight alongside us! They are as mighty as an ogre but as crafty as an orc, and in woodcraft they nothingzhangxiaochen091013 are unsurpassed! They will be our guides, our scouts, and our forest warriors!” He knew he could not expect most of them to be ogre magi—that was too much to hope for. But if even one in ten possessed the necessary intelligence he would be able to assemble a second Altar and power that one as well. Gul’dan chuckled. He would transform every ogre in the Horde if Doomhammer did not stop him.

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