13 octobre 2009

And why would he - wow gold

And why would he? As far as Doomhammer knew, he was getting bigger, stronger warriors. The Warchief would never suspect that these new creatures were completely loyal to Gul’dan and not him, and Gul’dan would make sure his new servants did not reveal their true loyalties too soon. Only when the time was right. And then Doomhammer would discover there was a new faction within the Horde, one he could not so easily destroy or cast aside. Zul’jin stepped forward, his long scarf waving in the wind. “We have pledged to the Horde,” he declared, his voice carrying clearly despite the wow power leveling fabric covering his mouth. “We be fightin’ with you, and together we be crushin’ the humans, the elves, an’ any others who stand against us!” The orcs wow power leveling cheered, as did the forest trolls, and Zul’jin nodded before stepping back.“Nor are they our only allies,” Doomhammer announced. He turned, and Gorefiend strode forward, the other death knights beside him. They had masked themselves to conceal their hideous features, with heavy cloth wrapped around their heads and faces so that only their glowing eyes were wow gold visible. But the Horde could see the breadth of their shoulders and wow gold the width of their chests, and Gorefiend raised his truncheon high, the weapon’s jewels flaring into a brightness that wow power leveling rivaled the sun overhead.“We are the death knights,” Gorefiend intoned, his strange voice casting the words across the crowd like a chill over the land. “We have pledged ourselves to the Horde, and to Doomhammer. We will fight as one of you, and will drive the orcs’ foes from this world!” He had requested that Doomhammer not reveal their true nature to the other orcs, and Doomhammer wow gold had agreed. Many might not be happy to learn these new warriors were orcs themselves, former wow power leveling warlocks he had slaughtered and Gul’dan had then trapped within rotting human bodies.“The death knights will be our cavalry and our vanguard,” Doomhammer announced. “They are strong and swift and possess a dark magic to strip away our foes’ defenses.”He paused. “We may have other wow gold allies soon as well,” he admitted. He had hoped those would be ready as well, but Zuluhed had said his clan needed more time to finish the preparations. Still, this was enough for now.“We march north,” Doomhammer wow power leveling told his people. “Across this land and into Khaz Modan, the home of the dwarves. Those lands are rich with metals and with fuel. We shall take those resources and use them to build a mighty fleet of ships. With those ships our forces will sail north to Lordaeron, for the wow power leveling humans will not expect us by water. We shall land to the west and march back, catching them from behind. We will crush them, and then we shall rule wow gold that land and all this world as our own!”The Horde cheered again, a cheer that grew and grew until it echoed from the rocks around them. Doomhammer felt the echo beneath his feet, shaking the very peak, and glanced back at Zuluhed, who stood behind him. His people’s shouts and war cries should not have been able to disturb the mountain itself! But the old aion gold shaman nodded.“The volcano speaks,” Zuluhed said softly, stepping forward so that only Doomhammer could hear his words. “The spirits within the mountain are pleased.” He grinned, bearing wow power leveling his worn wow gold tusks. “They grant us their blessing!”Doomhammer nodded. The rocks still trembled as he raised his hammer high again, swinging it about nothingzhangxiaochen091013 over his head. The crowd began chanting his name. Gul’dan laughed again and turned away. Cho’gall would handle the rest of the process here. He had other tasks to oversee, ones that would later lead to his finally claiming the power that lay waiting for him elsewhere.

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