13 octobre 2009

By Silvermoon - wow gold

By Silvermoon, where are they?” Alleria raced through the forest, sword in hand, the leaves and branches whipping past her as a blur. The other rangers had fanned out to cover more ground, and Alleria hoped they hadn’t run into any orcs or trolls. She wanted those miserable green-skinned intruders for herself.
Not for the first time since seeing the fires she wished
she’d never left home.Khadgar nodded, not bothering to look around. It would be pointless. He had been summoned before the ruling council of the Kirin Tor and wow gold those leaders were wow gold only visible when they wished to be.He wow power leveling had stood in this council chamber once before, upon being told he was to be apprenticed to Medivh. Then he had been awed by the room, which wow gold seemed to somehow hang in the air, only the floor wow gold faintly visible as the world around darkened, lightened, and stormed far more rapidly that ever happened in nature. The council members themselves had awed him just as much, appearing only as cloaked, hooded figures, their forms wow gold and faces and very genders obscured by both cloth and magic. That was both dramatic and practical, since the wizard community’s leaders were chosen in secret to avoid any wow power leveling danger of wow gold bribery, blackmail, and other pressure. The council members knew each other’s identities but no one else did. The disguises ensured that. But they also gave the council an air of mystery, and many of its members delighted in the confusion, making sure wow power leveling no one entered or exited the chamber without being bewildered as to where they had been and whom they had wow gold seen and often even what they had said and heard. It had certainly worked on Khadgar back then, and he had left the chamber with his head awhirl, amazed at the power his wow gold superiors wielded and unable to recount wow power leveling exactly what had happened during wow gold his audience.Much had changed since then, however. Though it had been only a few wow gold short years, Khadgar had grown considerably in both knowledge and power. His appearance had changed as well, and he amused himself by thinking that for once some of the council members would wow gold be as bewildered by their visitor wow power leveling as he was wow gold by them. After all, he had left a young man and returned an old one, older than many of them though nothingzhangxiaochen091013 he had lived far less. Why had she decided that the
Alliance needed her help? Weren’t Anasterian Sunstrider
and the other council members far older and wiser than
she was, and thus far better equipped to decide what aid
they should offer the younger races? Then again,
Anasterian had been convinced the Horde would never pose a threat to them here in Quel’Thalas. That was why he had felt the Alliance was not their concern, because they were safe from whatever was occurring in the outside world.
Clearly he had been wrong.

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