13 octobre 2009

if Alleria had listened to him - wow gold

Still, if Alleria had listened to him and abided by his decision she would have been here, not sailing downriver and marching over hills. She would have been here when the orcs and trolls arrived, here with her family and her people when the Horde breached their borders.
Would it have made any difference? She didn’t know.
Perhaps not. What could one more ranger have done to
stop an enemy she wouldn’t even realize was
approaching?Regardless, Khadgar found he was unwilling to play games. He was tired. He had teleported himself to Dalaran, and while his magic was strong enough to handle wow gold the task it was still a daunting distance. Plus he had been up late discussing matters with Lothar, planning for their first official strategy session next week. Khadgar appreciated wow power leveling his former masters’ interest in recent events, and felt they needed to know what had occurred in Azeroth, but he felt he wow gold could do without the posturing and the performances and the shadow-plays.That was why, when he did finally lift his head, he looked straight at the cloaked figure to his left. “I would be happy to wow gold recount events, Prince Kael’thas,” he said politely, “but I would find the telling far easier were I able to see my audience properly.”He heard a gasp off to the side, but the cloaked figure he had addressed chuckled instead. “You are correct, young Khadgar,” the mage replied. “I would find it difficult to speak to such shadowy figures myself.” With a quick gesture wow gold the elven prince dismissed his disguise, standing wow power leveling revealed in his ornate violet and gold robes, his long golden hair flowing past his shoulders, his sharp features wow gold alert with anticipation. “Is that better?”“Much, thank you,” Khadgar said. He glanced around at the other council members. “And what of the rest of you? May I not see your face, Lord Krasus? Lord Kel’Thuzad? Lord Antonidas has not bothered with a disguise, and Prince Kael’thas has been considerate enough to dispense with his. Will the rest of you wow power leveling do the same?”Antonidas, seated before Khadgar on an invisible chair, laughed. “Indeed, youngling, indeed,” he agreed. “This matter is far too serious for such parlor tricks, and you are no longer a whelp to be fooled and amazed by such sleights. Unveil wow gold yourself, my friends, and let us be to this matter before the night grows older.”The other magi obeyed, though a few grumbled, and seconds later Khadgar found himself wow gold facing six people clearly. He recognized Krasus at once by his slight build, delicate features, and silvery hair still streaked here and there with red. And Kel’Thuzad was familiar as well, an impressive, charismatic man with dark hair and a full wow power leveling beard and strangely glassy eyes, as if he were not really looking at the world around them. The other two, a pudgy man wow gold and a tall, statuesque woman, Khadgar did not know, though their faces seemed vaguely familiar. Most likely he had passed them in the halls of the Violet Citadel back when he wow gold had been a student here and had simply not been important enough for them to address him directly.Now, however, they were all attention.“We have done as you asked,” Kel’Thuzad complained. “Now tell us what has happened!”“What do you want to know?” Khadgar asked the older mage.“Everything!” And from the look in his eyes, Kel’Thuzad meant it. He had always had wow gold a reputation as a dreamer and a researcher, constantly questing for information, particularly about magic, its sources, and its potential. Of all the Kirin Tor he had been wow gold the one most interested wow power leveling in gaining access to Medivh’s arcane library, and Khadgar assumed one of the ones most upset about its destruction. He had not bothered to mention that he had taken the choicest tomes for himself nothingzhangxiaochen091013 before vacating the tower. But at least she wouldn’t now feel like she
had deserted them in their hour of need.
The thought spurred her to even greater speed, and she leaped over a low bush into a tiny clearing between two clusters of trees——and found herself staring down the tip of a hunting arrow aimed at her throat.
The figure holding the bow was nearly as tall as her
and wearing similar garb, though far less travel-stained.
Long hair streamed back from beneath the cloak’s hood and seemed to gleam like ivory in the sunlight, a shining silvery white that Alleria knew too well to ever mistake it.

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