13 octobre 2009

The other figure lowered the bow - wow gold

The other figure lowered the bow, her blue eyes wide
with surprise and relief. “Alleria?” Then the bow had
been tossed aside, and Alleria’s younger sister had caught
her up in a rough embrace. “You’re home!”
“Of course.” Alleria squeezed Vereesa in return and
patted her head, a gesture so familiar it was automatic.
“Are you all right?”“Very well.” And so he told them. Gratefully accepting a chair the pudgy man offered, Khadgar sat and described everything that had happened since he had left wow gold Dalaran more than two years before. He told wow gold them about his strange apprenticeship with Medivh, about the master wizard’s mercurial moods and strange disappearances. He told wow gold them about the first encounters with the orcs. He told them wow power leveling about the wizard murders. He told them about Medivh’s betrayal, and about how he and Lothar had ended the wizard’s life. Then he went on wow gold to talk about the Horde and the battles that had occurred, about the siege of Stormwind, Llane’s death, the city’s conquest, and their subsequent flight.The master magi remained quiet for much of the wow gold recitation. Occasionally one would ask a question, but they showed wow power leveling surprising consideration for someone so much their junior, and the few questions they did ask were short and to the point. When he had wow gold finished, ending with the Alliance and the Paladins, Khadgar leaned back to catch his breath and waited to see what the magi might ask next.“You did not mention the Order of Tirisfal,” Kel’Thuzad pointed out, eliciting a sharp wow gold cough from Antonidas. “What?” the mage-researcher demanded. “It is relevant, when discussing Medivh!”“It is,” Khadgar answered, “and I apologize for my lapse. But”—he glanced around, trying to wow power leveling judge the magi’s knowledge by their faces, and opted for discretion—“I know little of wow gold the Order’s true workings. Medivh was a member, and spoke once or twice of the Order’s existence, but he did not name any other members or discuss its activities.”“Of course,” the woman wow gold agreed, and Khadgar saw wow power leveling the look of frustration and disappointment she and Kel’Thuzad exchanged. He had been right then, he realized. They knew nothing about the Order, and had merely hoped to trick him into revealing its secrets. That had wow gold failed and they would not press the issue. “But I am more concerned with Medivh himself, and with what happened to him,” she continued. “You are certain wow power leveling it was Sargeras you wow gold saw within him?”“Absolutely.” Khadgar leaned forward. “I had already seen the titan in a vision, and recognized him at once.”“So it was Medivh—or Sargeras through him—who opened a rift for the orcs,” the pudgy nothingzhangxiaochen091013 man mused. “And what did you say their world was called?” she asked after a minute. “Where’s Sylvanas? Are Mother and Father safe?”
“They’re fine,” Vereesa answered, disengaging and
bending to retrieve her weapons. “Sylvanas is with a
hunting party near the riverbank. As for Mother and
Father, they should be in Silvermoon by now. They went
to consult with the elders.” She paused, fitting the arrow
back to her string. “Alleria, where have you been? And
what’s going on? There are fires! All over Quel’Thalas!
And some of the other rangers—they haven’t reported back.”
Alleria felt her stomach twist at the news. If rangers were going missing, it meant the Horde had penetrated deep into the forest already. “We’re being invaded, little sister,” she told Vereesa bluntly, bringing her sword up and turning to put her back against her sister. Her ears twitched. “Now, quiet.”

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