13 octobre 2009

Gul’dan explained - wow gold

Gul’dan explained about the Horde. He also told the ogre about the need to conquer here, and about the other races they had already faced in their quest.“Well?” Doomhammer asked as he strode onto the field. “Have you succeeded?” It did not escape Gul’dan’s notice that the warchief’s words were similar to those he wow power leveling had shouted at his necrolytes wow gold mere wow power leveling days wow gold earlier. But this time the answer was very different.“I have, noble Doomhammer,” he responded, gesturing at the bodies behind him. Doomhammer shouldered past him to glare at the figures, which lay stretched out upon the ground.“These are fallen Stormwind soldiers,” Doomhammer snarled. “What of them? Or did you ask me here to show me you could line bodies up wow gold so neatly?” He sneered. “Is this the extent of your powers, then, Gul’dan? To prepare corpses for burial?”Gul’dan longed to wipe the smirk from his leader’s face, to show the wow gold arrogant warrior the true extent of his magic. But now was not the time.“Of course not,” he did reply, the wow power leveling words still sharp enough to make Doomhammer’s gaze narrow. “Watch!” He nodded to Cho’gall, who knelt beside wow gold the first body and placed a jeweled truncheon in its cold, stiff hands. Those enchanted weapons had been the most time-consuming part of the process but Gul’dan knew without them his new force would be far less powerful, just as Rakmar had wow power leveling guessed. Fortunately wow gold he and Cho’gall had been experimenting with such items already for their own purposes, and so they had merely modified the spells they had planned and adapted the weapons to this new role.As he and Doomhammer watched, the corpse stirred. Its fingers closed wow power leveling tightly around the truncheon, which began to glow. That light spread to the body’s hand, then up along its arm, slowly infusing the entire form with a green aura. And then the corpse opened its eyes.Doomhammer started slightly, though he made no sound, and this time it was Gul’dan’s lips that pulled back in a sneer. Still, he could not blame the warchief for being startled. He found the sight almost unnerving himself, and he had created these creatures.The corpse slowly rose wow power leveling to its feet, its movements stiff at first but becoming more fluid by the second. It turned glowing red eyes upon Gul’dan, and the orc warlock saw them widen wow gold in recognition.“You have succeeded then, Gul’dan,” the creature stated, its words slurred from using an unfamiliar jaw and strange, too-small teeth. It stared wow gold down at itself, at its limbs and torso, and raised its empty hand to feel its face. “You have returned my spirit to this world!” It laughed, a harsh sound wow gold that was far more orc-like than human. “Excellent!”“Welcome back, Teron Gorefiend,” Gul’dan replied, trying to keep the laughter from his voice. “Yes, I have brought you back, to further wow power leveling serve the Horde.”Doomhammer stepped forward, studying the strange creature before him. “Gorefiend? One of your warlocks from the nothingzhangxiaochen091013 Shadow Council? I killed him myself.” The ogre mage listened quietly, absorbing every detail. “You created me,” the ogre said at last. It was not a question, but Gul’dan nodded. “I am your creature then,” the ogre affirmed. “I will serve you. Your cause is my cause. Tell me what to do.”

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